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Roost : Rent Your Parking & Storage

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Finding a parking space or storage unit is easier than ever before with the help of Roost is the storage and parking marketplace that matches the person with the space they need using a peer to peer format. The goal of is to help local people find available spots to rent at an affordable price. This online platform is based on the premise of connecting renters with a compatible host. They facilitate the availability of the space and accept payments from the renter.
Advantages of Storage Program
There are many advantages that are directly linked to the rent storage program. People find that there is a huge cost savings involved in using local storage options. Renters have the opportunity to take advantage of empty closets, garages, basements, and attic spaces that are available in their neighborhood. This keeps the stored items close and easily accessible when needed. Hosts who sign up with Roost have the chance to earn extra money using their unused space.



Benefits of Roost Rent Parking
Parking spaces are at a premium in many neighborhoods across the country and is ready to help solve the problem. Signing up with roost gives people the chance to rent parking spaces for a few hours or on a longer more permanent basis. Roost takes the stress out of finding a parking spot on game day or near work. No more driving around in circles for hours on end hoping that a place will open up. Rent parking for the long term keeps a space open right near home each and every day.

How to Make Money From Your Parking Spot or Storage
Roost allows virtually anyone to list their available parking spot or storage on their site. You simply list your space, communicate back and forth with the people interested in the space, coordinate the transaction and get paid. Roost’s web application takes care of the heavy lifting for you. You can rent out things such as a¬†garage, closet, cupboard, driveway, backyard, attic, basement, spare room, locker or even the space under your bed.


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