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Taskrabbit : Income for Everyday Tasks

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What is Taskrabbit?
Taskrabbit outsources the daily tasks that people don’t want or have the time to do themselves. Clients are able to choose from a list of qualified Taskers to come do listed tasks for them. It runs off an app that allows for payment and scheduling all in one, making it convenient for both the client and Tasker. This is similar to other companies like Feastly and Uber.

Working for Taskrabbit
Taskers who want to work for Taskrabbit must go through a screening process that includes an identity check, an interview, a criminal background check, and an orientation session to be acquainted with the app.

Why be a Tasker?
Working for Taskrabbit allows them to find you clients, for any task that the client needs done. They have an online payment method that allows for easy payment after each task is done. All jobs for Taskers are kept on a schedule in the Taskrabbit app, making it easily accessible from anywhere.

Skills needed to be a Tasker
Taskrabbit offers tasks ranging from cleaning, to moving help, to being a general handyman. Any household skill or daily task you can think of is available on for completion on Taskrabbit. You can even do office administration and web design. Taskrabbit has a task for everyone.

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