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Uber : Become a Taxi Driver

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Uber is a ride sharing company that connects drivers with riders in metropolitan areas around the world. Riders use an App to summon a driver who brings them to their destination in their own vehicle. Uber drivers earn money for driving people based on a predetermined rate which can spike during peak hours.

Uber lets you drive when you want and make good money. You have no office or boss telling you want to do, though there are some rules and restrictions that you must follow as an Uber driver.

What You’ll Need
First and foremost you will need a clean, late model vehicle and a good driving record. You will need to take an Uber course and be qualified to drive.

What You Can Make
While earning potential certainly varies by city and more importantly the amount you drive, it is said that Uber drivers can earn up to $5000 per month, though if you are considering this as supplemental income and already work a full time job it is more like you can earn about $500 per month.

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