Becoming A Coupon Warrior: Extreme couponing for newbies, a step-by step guide to extreme savings

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Couponing for some may be a way to save money for their family, for others it is used to stock pile goods for their family and to also give back to the community in donations of stockpile items and for others it can be an extreme sport with an adrenaline high. Whatever your reason may be for beginning in this new “hobby” you have come across an editorial, which provides a variety of information! From the basics of getting started and where to begin, to becoming an avid extreme couponer. Definitions of commonly used abbreviations on coupon websites and blogs, will help the beginning couponer have in mind what all that jargon means. Complete with guides to shopping at specific stores and how one can organize your coupons. With a quick start guide to get you started and pointed in the right direction, by following the simple tips and tricks of the guide, it is possible for you to to have in mind everything you want to know about getting started with coupons. Included are multiple links that lead you to awesome blogs that make your couponing experience even easier and links to websites for more printable coupons and some current rebate offers. There are detailed guide sheets for national drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens and a guide sheet for shopping at Publix grocery stores. These sheets break it down in an easy to read format and supply you the basic information for shopping at these particular stores. Couponing will have to be fun and rewarding, by the usage of this guide filled with valuable information it is going to be just that!

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